The Water Course Way of Balance


Living a balanced life: ideal or reality?


By: Angela Geissler and Peter C. van der Molen 



Friday 1. Dec. 2023 17:00 - Sunday 3. Dez. 2023 15:00 CET



DJH Jugendherberge Heilbronn

Paula-Fuchs-Allee 3 74076 Heilbronn Germany



Achieving a balanced life may often appear elusive, but it's entirely within reach with the right tools and skills. Our unique circumstances, while they can be challenging, are precisely what we'll explore during this weekend seminar. 


The pursuit of balance is not a fixed destination, but rather an evolving journey filled with transformative experiences. It involves adapting to changes, finding contentment in the present, and nurturing a lifelong curiosity—key elements that promote both well-being and longevity. This weekend seminar blends the wisdom of the Taoist way of life with the latest medical insights. 


Throughout the weekend, we'll collectively delve deep into Taoist philosophy and practices, uncovering paths to lead a life of profound equilibrium. The seminar will guide us in exploring our own limitations and misalignments, equipping us with Taoist techniques to restore balance. This is the foundation for unlocking our full potential, fearlessly navigating our unique life journeys, and approaching life's adventures with curiosity while maintaining inner wisdom. 


On this transformative journey, we'll experience inner peace and elevate our consciousness. Mind-body exercises will help us stay healthy and be fully present in each moment, enabling us to draw from life's abundance with tranquility. 


We'll become more aware of the forces pulling us in different directions in the various aspects of our lives—whether it's the demands of work, responsibilities at home, or internal conflicts. Armed with the practical knowledge gained from this seminar, we'll be better equipped to maintain balance in our fast-paced urban existence. 


Discover how to realign and start anew whenever necessary. We're offering a practical, tried-and-true toolbox designed to help you navigate life's journey with ease, even in the midst of urban chaos.

Program conducted by:


Prof. Dr. med. Angela Geissler

Ärztin, Meditationslehrerin, Autorin, Führungskräfte Coach



Im Rahmen meines beruflichen Weges konnte ich viele verschiedene Kliniken und Institute kennen lernen. Darunter die Universitätskliniken Freiburg und Regensburg sowie das Department of Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy Huntington Medical Research Institutes, Pasadena, CA. Danach war ich 23 Jahre Chefärztin am Robert Bosch Krankenhaus tätig. Im letzten Jahr entschloss ich mich diese Tätigkeit aufzugeben und mich ganz der Begleitung von Menschen und Unternehmen zu widmen.


Im Laufe der Jahre habe ich deshalb Ausbildungen zur Zen Lehrerin in der buddhistischen Rinzai Tradition, MBSR - Lehrerin (CFM), in Yoga, Qigong und autogenem Training durchlaufen.


Meine wissenschaftliche Neugier brachte mich zur intensiven Beschäftigung mit den Auswirkungen von Sport und Meditation, sowie Entspannungsverfahren auf Neurokognition, Gesundheit, Altern und Bewusstsein.


Meinen philosophischen Neigungen folgend, verfasste ich bisher zwei Bücher zu Spiritualität und Digitalisierung und zur Stoa. Die Auswirkungen von künstlicher Intelligenz auf unser Leben, unsere Gesellschaft und unser Bewusstsein ist gerade Hauptschwerpunkt meiner philosophisch, spirituellen Recherchen.


Die Verbindung von westlich evidenzbasierten Forschungen mit östlichen Weisheitslehren ist ein besonderer Schwerpunkt meiner persönlichen Entwicklungs- und Forschungsreise.


In Seminaren, Vorträgen und Coachings freue ich mich, dieses Wissen und diese Erfahrungen weiter zu geben.


Wie kommt man vom managen des Alltags zu wahrer Führung in inneren Balance und mit Lust auf Veränderung? Um zur Balance zu finden, braucht jeder Mensch ein individuelles Konzept. Nur dann können Familie, Arbeit, persönliche Entwicklung, Gesundheit und gesellschaftliches Engagement sich vollständig und harmonisch entfalten.


Als Autorin habe ich viele Fachartikel und einige Bücher veröffentlicht oder mit veröffentlicht.


Dr. Peter C. van der Molen


Peter was born on the traditional island of Marken in the Netherlands. He spent the last 40 years working on nature conservation and restoration in Ireland and The Netherlands. During that time he worked as ecologist on the preservation of raised bogs, worked on nature compensation, served in several national expert-teams for the Ministry of Agriculture and Nature, and now serves as a nature monitoring and Natura 2000-advisor for BIJ12, an organization of the 12 Dutch Provinces.


As a private consultant Peter is also involved in making landscape-ecological system analyses for large private estates. He is an expert for the Netherlands Commission for Environmental Assessment. This body prepares mandatory and voluntary advisory reports for national, provincial and local governments on the scope and quality of environmental assessments.


In addition to this nature side, he is involved for over 2 decades as an assistant and student of the author and lineage carrier Eva Wong, in organizing Qigong programs and, among other things, teaching "Work-Life Balance", Chinese strategy, divination and Fengshui. He also is an authorized classical Fengshui consultant in the Zhen Shi Xuankong Fengshui lineage since 2002. He is a practicing Buddhist with Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche since 1981.


In his spare time he learns to restore furniture using traditional old hand-tools, collects Asian antiques, has an interest in calligraphy and seal carving, explores tea, uses old treadle sewing machines and is usually irredeemably curious.



Entering the Shamanic World of Taoism


Dr. Eva Wong


Date & Time Details:

Start: May 31st, 2024 7:30pm


End: Jun 2nd, 2024 6:00pm


Contact Us: Karmê Chöling

(802) 633-2384 or info@karmecholing.org.  


The world is filled with power. Spirits, natural elements, plants, animals, and humanity all have power. Shamanic Taoism is a way of Power. Taoist shamans are magicians and artists of power who have penetrated the mysteries of the Tao and have entered into an intimate union with both the natural and supernatural forces.


Of all the systems of Taoism, Shamanic Taoism is probably the oldest, dating back several thousand years. The beliefs and practices have not changed much since the magicians and sorcerers of ancient China used them to ward off disasters, protect life, guide deceased souls through the underworld to a new life, and draw power from plants and animals to heal, protect, and battle malevolent spirits.


Talismans, amulets, ceremonial dances, and incantations are the tools of Shamanic Taoist. A person can be blessed and protected by wearing amulets or by painting a talisman on his or her body. Talismans can also be placed in strategic locations to create a ring of protection around an individual, a household, or any space. Talismans can also be burned, its ashes dropped into water, and the water sprinkled in places where malevolent forces are lurking.


While personal power of the Taoist shaman is required to summon and control power, there are certain magical practices that can be performed safely by ordinary individuals. In this encounter with the shamanic world of Taoism, you will learn how to draw personal protective talismans on the body, identify threats from spirit realms, perform dances of power, and make simple incantations to ask the spirits for help.


No requirements, just bring a sense of curiosity and adventure.


Join Eva Wong, a practitioner of the Kunlun system of Shamanic Taoism, in discovering and exploring a form of Taoism that few have experienced.