The Water Course Way of Balance


The natural world as teacher

April 22 at 9am till April 23 at 6pm. 2023

Dechen Chöling. France.

With Eva Wong


The natural world is the gateway to the Tao. The sun, moon, and stars carry the essences of the celestial energy of the Tao. Mountains, rivers, rocks, and earth carry the qi of the land. Trees, flowers, grasses, and animals are filled with life force. Clouds, fog, and mist display the interaction of yin and yang.


Join Eva Wong in experiencing the natural world in the beautiful hills and valley of Dechen Chöling. Learn how to find a place in nature where you can sit quietly, reflect, and be with the phenomenal world. Open your awareness to the energy of the land. Find out how to use the Chinese calendar to guide your diet, lifestyle, and activity as you move through the seasons.


The natural world is intelligent, luminous, and alive. It is the best teacher of the Tao. Let us learn from it.

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Where Fengshui Shines 

Sky Lake Meditation Center, Rosendale, NY.

June 17, 2023 9am to 6pm.

 With Eva Wong


Fengshui means wind and water. Where there is gentle wind and flowing water there is nourishing qi, or life energy. Living in an environment with good qi in the land will enhance our health, livelihood, and relationships. However, where fengshui shines is in how we can use our knowledge of land energy to help us and others appreciate the environment and understand the need to conserve it for future generations.


While land provides nourishment, neighborhoods build harmony and cooperation. Street patterns and architecture of a neighborhood can influence how people relate to each other. Living in a neighborhood with architecture and road patterns that are associated with harmonious energy can facilitate cooperation and caring. Where fengshui shines is how we can use the knowledge of neighborhood energy to help us appreciate the importance and the need to build harmonious communities.


Finally, our own homes are the source of health, well-being, and quality of life. Living in a home that is arranged to enhance positive energy and protect us from negative energy allows us to have an uplifted and relaxed lifestyle. Where fengshui shines is how it can help us design a living space where we can look forward to waking up, resting well, having good meals, and enjoying the company of family and friends.


Join Eva Wong, fengshui consultant and author of several fengshui books, at Sky Lake in learning how to recognize positive and negative energies in the land. Work together in teams to design projects to uplift your neighborhood. And experiment with arranging your own home to enhance the quality of your life.


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Look for Eva Wong’s new book:


Good Fengshui


to be published in 2023.