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Creating Benchmarks for Your Qigong Practice

Chicago Shambhala Center; USA

date: September 10 and 11; 2023

with: Eva Wong


Benchmarks are invaluable tools for tracking progress in your qigong practice. They can also help us measure how qigong has repaired injuries, improved strength and flexibility, and enhanced relaxation in your body. 


In this program you will learn how to create a system of feedback to chart the development of health in your tendons, ligaments, joints, and spine. Having learned the basics of qigong in levels 1-5, it is time to use them to fine tune your practice and increase awareness of your body’s physical abilities and vast energetic potential.


Requirement: Qigong 1-5

Creating Strategies for Your Qigong Practice
Sept 16 (begin 8pm) - 18 (ends 6pm) 2022

at Karme Choling, VT, USA.
with Eva Wong and Suzann Duquette

How can you optimize your qigong for health? How do you set up immediate and long term goals in your practice? Now that you have learned many qigong forms, it is time to strategize your practice to give you an edge in improving, enhancing, and repairing your body, as well as expanding your consciousness. Strength and flexibility of the muscular-skeletal system, optimal functioning of the internal organs, unblocked energetic channels, a high level of the three treasures of life - jing, qi, and shen - are the keys to good health and longevity. Stability of mind allows the qi to penetrate bones, meridians, and energy centers. An expansive consciousness creates space for energy to flow unblocked.

Join Eva Wong and Suzann Duquette in using principles of strategy from Sunzi’s Art of War to design, develop, and implement an effective plan of qigong practice to optimize the simultaneous cultivation of body and mind. The best way to combat illness is not be ill in the first place.

Requirement: Qigong 1-5


Strategies for Health

April 22-23; 2023

At: Dechen Chöling. France.

with Eva Wong


To be aware of the body’s energetic environment is the key to good health. As it is externally, so it is internally. The structure of the physical world parallels the energetic world of our body. If we can identify the energy centers and pathways of the human body, we can develop strategies for clearing blockages that prevent internal energy (qi) to run smoothly and peacefully within. In this program, we will explore the energetic terrain of the body with the qigong methods of 9 Self-Massage and 12 Devas, discover the causes of energy blockage, and develop strategic ways of removing qi blockages and attaining good health.

Requirements: qigong 1 and 2.

Qigong 7 - part 1

10-16 September 2023 at Karme Chöling. Barnet. VT. USA.
With Eva Wong
Requirements: See Path of Qigong

(Level 6, Exploring Energetic Terrain of the Body, Stoking the Scholar and Warrior Fires, Embodying the Tao in Your Qigong)

Qigong of the Mysterious Female

May 5 (evening), 6,7 (6pm)  2023 at Karme Chöling. Barnet. VT. USA.

with Eva Wong.


What is the Mysterious Female? It is the Tao, the Dark Womb, and the source of all that is born and unborn. This source is the primordial energy of life. In birth, we emerge from the Mysterious Female, in life we are nourished by her, and in death we return to her embrace. Central to the practice of qigong, the Taoist art of health and longevity, is the cultivation of this life-giving energy. Connecting to the breath of life, clearing the meridians, strengthening the physical body, and resting in the stillness of the Womb are the key to living a healthy and virtuous life.


One of the most important texts of Taoist Female Internal Alchemy is The Mother Empress of the West Liturgy. In it is coded the secret teachings of how to cultivate generative energy.

In this program we will:

  • Use the forms of Xiantianwujimen Qigong to reveal the secret teachings of the Mother Empress of the West Liturgy.
  • Practice qigong that highlights the cultivation of yin and yang energies.
  • Learn about the Taoist immortals who pioneered techniques of nourishing female and male generative energies.
  • And explore and celebrate our own gender’s energetic connection to the Mysterious Female.

The energy of the Mysterious Female in Taoism is intimately tied to the nourishing quality of generative energy. Please note that there will be jing practice in this program.


Requirement - Qigong 3

Iron and Silk - Balancing External and Internal Strengthening

May 7 (evening) - May 12 (6pm) 2023 at Karme Chöling. Barnet. VT. USA.

with Eva Wong.


Iron and Silk - Balancing External and Internal Strengthening with Wudangshan and Xiantianwujimen Qigong - 5 days

Iron has the quality of hardness. Silk has the quality of softness. Temper iron with fire and it can form limitless shapes. Woven together, strands of silk will form the strongest bonds. When iron and silk are balanced, hardness will embrace softness and softness will embody the hardness. Xiantianwujimen qigong embodies the essence of softness and is known for its effectiveness in cultivating the internal energies of jing, qi, and shen. Wudangshan qigong embodies the essence of hardness and is known for its effectiveness in training muscular-skeletal strength and spinal flexibility. The simultaneous training of these two systems of qigong will result in building a foundation of physical or external strengthening that is necessary for the strengthening of internal organs and circulation of generative, vital, and spirit energies.


In this program, participants will learn how to optimize the benefits of breath regulation with the martial-like quality of the Wudangshan Animals and maximize the effect of martial prowess using the qigong of breath regulation.


Cross-training of iron and silk is the key to integrating external and internal strengthening.

Requirements - Qigong 1-5

Announcements for Qigong Level 6 and above


Qigong 7 Requirements

  1. Qigong 6
  2. Stoking the Scholar and Warrior Fire
  3. Exploring the Energetic Terrain of the Body
  4. Embodying the Tao in Your Qigong

Qigong 8 Requirements

  1. Qigong 7
  2. Any 2 Evoking Worlds programs
  3. The Star Culture of Taoism