Strategies for Health


To be aware of the body’s energetic environment is the key to good health. As it is externally, so it is internally.


The structure of the physical world parallels the energetic world of our body. If we can identify the energy centers and pathways of the human body, we can develop strategies for clearing blockages that prevent internal energy (qi) to run smoothly and peacefully within.


In this program, we will explore the energetic terrain of the body with the qigong methods of 9 Self-Massage and 12 Devas, discover the causes of energy blockage, and develop strategic ways of removing qi blockages and attaining good health.


Requirements: Qigong 1 and 2.

Enhancing Your Health with Qigong


Qigong is not just a casual exercise. The forms of qigong can improve specific aspects of health. In this program, we will use the qigong you have learned from levels 1 and 2 to increase the movement of joints, relax and build muscle, repair and enhance tendons and ligaments, align the spinal column, and strengthen bone. Qigong can also improve digestion, enhance general circulation, and even bring clarity to our thoughts and actions. Enjoyable, fun, and easy to learn, qigong is the perfect practice for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


Requirements: Qigong 1 and 2

Creating Benchmarks for Your Qigong Practice


Benchmarks are invaluable tools for tracking progress in your qigong practice. They can also help us measure how qigong has repaired injuries, improved strength and flexibility, and enhanced relaxation in your body. 


In this program you will learn how to create a system of feedback to chart the development of health in your tendons, ligaments, joints, and spine.


Having learned the basics of qigong in levels 1-5, it is time to use them to fine tune your practice and increase awareness of your body’s physical abilities and vast energetic potential.


Requirement: Qigong 1-5

Qigong for Spinal Health


Spinal problems are now a common health issue in modern society. These problems not only cause physical pain, but can affect the functioning of the nervous system and the flow of energy (or qi) in the body.

There are three aspects to spinal health - physical, internal, and energetic.

  • Physical health of the spine is defined by its mobility, flexibility, strength, and alignment.
  • Internal health of the spine is defined by the effective functioning of the nervous systems located along the spinal column. A misaligned spinal column can have negative effects on digestive and respiratory functions, as well as the potency of sexual arousal.
  • The third aspect of spinal health is linked to the energetic pathway, the Du meridian, that runs parallel to the spinal column. This energetic pathway is responsible for circulating cerebral spinal fluid from the base of the spine to the top of the head. This spinal fluid is now believed to be critical to learning and memory.

In this program, we will use the qigong practices of Xiantianwujimen to address all three aspects of spinal health. The participant will learn how to use qigong forms from levels 1 to 4 to repair, improve, and enhance spinal strength and mobility that contribute significantly to our physical, internal, and energetic health.

Requirements: qigong levels 1-4

Creating Strategies for Your Qigong Practice

How can you optimize your qigong for health? How do you set up immediate and long term goals in your practice? Now that you have learned many qigong forms, it is time to strategize your practice to give you an edge in improving, enhancing, and repairing your body, as well as expanding your consciousness.


Strength and flexibility of the muscular-skeletal system, optimal functioning of the internal organs, unblocked energetic channels, a high level of the three treasures of life - jing, qi, and shen - are the keys to good health and longevity. Stability of mind allows the qi to penetrate bones, meridians, and energy centers. An expansive consciousness creates space for energy to flow unblocked.

In this program we are using principles of strategy from Sunzi’s Art of War to design, develop, and implement an effective plan of qigong practice to optimize the simultaneous cultivation of body and mind. The best way to combat illness is not be ill in the first place.

Requirement: Qigong 1-5

Activating Your Energy Centers with Qigong

Our bodies are filled with qi, the essence of life. Nourishing and circulating qi are the keys to health and longevity. Some of the most important aspects of Xiantianwujimen qigong are designed to activate energy centers that gather, store, and nourish this life force.

The lower, middle, and upper Gates are control stations that move qi along the spinal column. The lower, middle, and upper Dantiens are containers that store, transmute, and purify the generative, vital, and spirit energies. Various cavities (called xue) are areas where energy is concentrated and focused. Some parts of the body, such as the kidneys and tail bone, are reservoirs capable of storing tremendous amounts of energy. Throughout the body are pathways that circulate qi between energy centers.

In this program, you will learn how to identify and activate these potent energy centers and clear blockages in pathways that connect them.  Stimulating our energy centers and maintaining a clear flow of energy in the body are critical to preventing illness and enhancing health.

Requirement: Qigong 1-5


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