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Living a balanced life: ideal or reality?


By: Angela Geissler and Peter C. van der Molen 



Friday 1. Dec. 2023 17:00 - Sunday 3. Dez. 2023 15:00 CET



DJH Jugendherberge Heilbronn

Paula-Fuchs-Allee 3 74076 Heilbronn Germany



Achieving a balanced life may often appear elusive, but it's entirely within reach with the right tools and skills. Our unique circumstances, while they can be challenging, are precisely what we'll explore during this weekend seminar. 


The pursuit of balance is not a fixed destination, but rather an evolving journey filled with transformative experiences. It involves adapting to changes, finding contentment in the present, and nurturing a lifelong curiosity—key elements that promote both well-being and longevity. This weekend seminar blends the wisdom of the Taoist way of life with the latest medical insights. 


Throughout the weekend, we'll collectively delve deep into Taoist philosophy and practices, uncovering paths to lead a life of profound equilibrium. The seminar will guide us in exploring our own limitations and misalignments, equipping us with Taoist techniques to restore balance. This is the foundation for unlocking our full potential, fearlessly navigating our unique life journeys, and approaching life's adventures with curiosity while maintaining inner wisdom. 


On this transformative journey, we'll experience inner peace and elevate our consciousness. Mind-body exercises will help us stay healthy and be fully present in each moment, enabling us to draw from life's abundance with tranquility. 


We'll become more aware of the forces pulling us in different directions in the various aspects of our lives—whether it's the demands of work, responsibilities at home, or internal conflicts. Armed with the practical knowledge gained from this seminar, we'll be better equipped to maintain balance in our fast-paced urban existence. 


Discover how to realign and start anew whenever necessary. We're offering a practical, tried-and-true toolbox designed to help you navigate life's journey with ease, even in the midst of urban chaos.

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Good Fengshui


Enhance the energy of your home, workplace, or garden using the principles of the art of Fengshui. This fengshui primer will show you how to bring harmonizing, beneficial energy into any space.

Fengshui is not simply a list of directives for arranging a space for good luck - it is the art of reading the energetic patterns of the universe and living in harmony with the environment.

Bedrooms with good fengshui maximize health and minimize illness. Home offices with good fengshui facilitate business vision and accumulation of wealth. Even garages, driveways, and gardens can affect our health, livelihood, and the way we interact with the world.

Whether you are buying, renting, building, or renovating a home, or want to change the atmosphere and energy of the home you are in, this book will teach you to how to identify and work with the potentials of energy in your home and workplace.


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