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Strategic Studies 

We are very happy that we are initiating a new series of programs in Strategic Studies in 2023.

They will be held at  Karme Chöling (VT, USA) and at Drala Mountain Center (CO, USA).


  • Virtue and Power at Karme Chöling, VT, USA - May 12 (evening) to 14.
  • An Invitation to Strategic Thinking at Drala Mountain Center, CO, USA - June 2 (evening) to 4
  • Being Strategic in the Real World at Karme Choling, VT, USA - July 14 (evening) to 16
  • The Meditator as Strategist at Karme Choling, VT, USA – July 16 (evening) to 19
  • The Art of Strategic Cooperation and Team Building at Karme Chöling, VT, USA – July 19 (evening) to 21.

Qigong of the Mysterious Female


Karme Chöling, VT – May 5 (evening), 6,7 - with Eva Wong


What is the Mysterious Female? It is the Tao, the Dark Womb, and the source of all that is born and unborn. This source is the primordial energy of life. In birth, we emerge from the Mysterious Female, in life we are nourished by her, and in death we return to her embrace. Central to the practice of qigong, the Taoist art of health and longevity, is the cultivation of this life-giving energy. Connecting to the breath of life, clearing the meridians, strengthening the physical body, and resting in the stillness of the Womb are the key to living a healthy and virtuous life.

Requirement - Qigong 3

Refining Your Consciousness with Hua-tu Five Animals Qigong


Sky Lake Lodge – August 4 (evening),5,6 - With Eva Wong


From the oneness of Tao yin and yang emerged. From yin and yang the five elements metal, wood, water, fire, and water were created. From the 5 elements, the bagua, the eight building blocks of the universe arose. As it is externally, so it is internally. This cosmology of the universe parallels the creation and circulation of energy (qi) in our bodies. 

Requirement Qigong Levels 3


Where Fengshui Shines


Sky Lake Lodge, NY, USA - June 17 - With Eva Wong


Where fengshui shines is an introduction to help us design a living space where we can look forward to waking up, resting well, having good meals, and enjoying the company of family and friends. 


Join Eva Wong, fengshui consultant and author of several fengshui books, at Sky Lake in learning how to recognize positive and negative energies in the land. Work together in teams to design projects to uplift your neighborhood. And experiment with arranging your own home to enhance the quality of your life.


No requirements 

Look for Eva Wong’s new book:


Good Fengshui


to be published in 2023.