The Seven Star Path is the overview of all the fields of wisdom and knowledge of Taoism. 

Below a brief outline is provided plus the links to our programs.

1 - Celestial Pivot Star

The Celestial Pivot Star is associated with skills in leadership, organization, and diplomacy. It is the anchor of the sky, the origin of movement of all the stars. To hold the Celestial Pivot is to embody enlightened leadership and exercise impeccable organization in public and private life.

2 - Great Gate Star

The Great Gate star is associated with the esoteric arts of Taoism. It is called the Great Gate because it leads to the plethora of the arcane arts of Taoism. Within this discipline are:

  •  Internal alchemy (which encompasses qigong and meditation)
  •  The divination arts, which are subdivided into:
    •       celestial (astrology) divinations,
    •       terrestrial (fengshui) divinations,
    •       omen reading,
    •       hexagram-based divination,
    •       physiognomy,
    •       palmistry.
  •   Medicine, herbology and various healing arts
  •   The magic of amulets and talismans
  •   Ritualistic magic

3 - Prosperity Star

The Prosperity Star is associated with practical wisdom - how to move around in the physical, social, cultural, and financial world effectively and efficiently. In Taoism, prosperity is not limited to monetary wealth but also living a rich domestic, social, and personal life.

  • Currently, training in the Prosperity branch of Taoist knowledge is offered in Lifestyle programs.

4 - Scholar Star

The Scholar Star is associated with scholarship, the study, interpretation, and understanding of the texts of the Taoist Canon. It consists of over three thousand text in its current compilation. The Taoist Canon is an “open” canon, with texts being added to it continuously.

5 - Virtue Star

The Virtue Star is associated with activities that Taoism believes to contribute to the cultivation of virtues. Virtue is cultivated in lifestyle, aesthetics, cultural appreciation, a sacred relationship to the natural world, and rituals and ceremonies.

  • Currently, training in this branch of Taoist knowledge is offered in Lifestyle programs.

6 - Warrior Star

The Warrior Star is associated with the warriorship. In the Taoist tradition, warriorship is not only limited to training in the martial arts and fighting skills. To be a martial artist is to integrate the martial principles into practice, but to be a warrior is to embody the highest values of martial virtues such as honor, integrity, compassion, and gentleness.

  • Currently, the foundation of training in this branch of Taoist knowledge is offered in the Wudangshan forms in the advanced Qigong programs.

7 - Destroyer of Armies Star

The Destroyer of Armies star is associated with the theory and practice of strategy and tactics. To embody strategy in all aspects of life and to acquire expertise in both ancient and modern strategies of war and peace form the core of this training.