Seven Stars Taoist Training




Wudangshan Animal Long Forms
Location: Karme Choling (VT; USA)
Date: July 22 - 27
Requirement: Qigong 1-5

The Wudangshan Five Animals Long Forms are designed to deepen tendon-changing and marrow-washing practices using advanced stances and internal martial arts-based postures.

Update on Intensives for 2019 and 2020
Location: Dechen Choling, France and Krakow, Poland

This will help you planning!

The dates of a number of intensives have been finalized:

  • The Breath/Standing Intensives in in Dechen Choling (France) in April 4 to 6, 2019.
  • The Wudangshan Five Animals Long Forms in Dechen Choling (France) in March 31- April 4, 2020.
  • The Tendon Changing/Marrow Washing intensive in Szczecin (Poland) in September 2020.

Revised schedule for the Path of Qigong

If you are interested in pursuing the Path of Qigong - then this chart outlines the programs to take and in which order.

Note that you have to take ALL programs in the order indicated. There are no exceptions.

So please consult the chart and plan your levels and intensives well. You can bridge between Europe (Dechen Choling and Poland) and USA (Karme Choling and Sky Lake Lodge).



The Spirit World as Teacher .
Location: Karme Choling (VT; USA)
Date: July 20 (starts evening), 21,22 (ends 6pm)

By: Eva Wong


The spirit world is all around us. From the heritage of Taoism, we open ourselves to the awareness of the spirit world by entering gateways held by the four guardian spirits - Green Dragon, White Tiger, Red Raven, and Black Tortoise.
Join Eva Wong in a 2-day journey in experiencing our tribal consciousness, the cosmic consciousness, the consciousness of our ancestral world, and the consciousness of space and time. Journey on the breath of the green dragon, fly on the feathers of the red raven, enter the heartbeat of the white tiger, and ride on the shield of the black tortoise in the magical valley and hills of Karme Chöling.

The Wisdom of Home

Shambhala Center Boston, USA
September 16, 2018 - 9am to 6pm

By: Eva Wong and Carolyn Krusinski


What is home? It is a “spot” where we can renew, regenerate, and be nourished in body and spirit. This spot is not limited to a physical household. It can be found anywhere - in our house, in hotels, and even outdoors in the forests and mountains. Home is a space where we embody the wisdom and joy of domestic life.
Home is a space where we embody the wisdom and joy of domestic life.

Home protects and strengthens us - it is a teacher, a guide, and a faithful guard who never deserts us. We have much to learn from life at home. In Chinese culture, it is said that when we spend one night at home, the body is at rest; two nights at home, our mind is content; three nights at home, our spirit is in a state of calm. Join Eva Wong and Carolyn Krusinski in exploring how life at home can teach us elegance, simplicity, and harmony.
•    Living simply is an outlook on life, not just about paring down
•    Elegance is the art of living a compact life without complexities
•    Harmony means being at home anywhere. Let us find “spots” in our lives where we can discover our “home-grown” wisdom
Using Taoist techniques of awareness training, we will explore our own households, carry our feelings of home to far corners of the world, and learn what it feels to be at home wherever we find ourselves.


Leaders of a Balanced Society

Shambhala Center Boston, USA
September 15, 2018 - 9am to 6pm

By: Eva Wong

What is a balanced society? And what role can you play? This action is guided by the balance of wisdom, compassion, vision, and groundedness. Wisdom is the ability to see clarity and make decisions that benefit society. Compassion is the ability to feel and empathize with those around us. Vision is the ability to see the big picture of things and not be bogged down by petty details. Groundedness is the ability to attend to practicality without losing sight of ideals. All of these are available to us—and it’s how we recognize and skillfully apply them that makes a powerful impact.

In this workshop we will:
- Work with tools and strategies on how to achieve the balance of these abilities.
- Cultivate and develop awareness of how these four aspects of balance arise in our consciousness.
- Set up benchmarks for evaluating whether a balance of wisdom, compassion, vision, and groundedness is attained in community and cooperative action.

Join Eva Wong, strategy consultant and translator of Chinese texts of strategy, in a 1 day training workshop on how to become a leader of a balanced society.


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