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Schedule for the Path of Qigong
If you are interested in pursuing the Path of Qigong - then this page will help you. It outlines the programs and in which order you take them. Note that there is a mandatory sequence to the programs.

Qigong for Spinal Health
Krakow, Poland Oct 10,11; 2020
with Eva Wong

Requirements: qigong levels 1-4

Exploring the Energetic Terrain of the Body
October 17 and 18; 2020
Amsterdam Shambhala Ctr. Amsterdam. The Netherlands.


10-12 September 2021
Karme Chöling. Barnet. VT. USA.
With Eva Wong
Requirements: qigong 1 and 2

Meditating Strategically - Integrating Meditation, Qigong, and Strategy
October 24,25 - 2020 - Stuttgart, Germany

With Eva Wong

Since thoughts and emotions can arise in diverse circumstances and in different degrees of solidity, we need to be strategic in applying the appropriate form of meditation in the face of different adversaries.
No requirement; no partial attendance



Wudangshan Animal Long Forms
Location: Dechen Choling France
Date: 12-16 April 2021
Requirement: Tendon Changing/Bone Marrow Washing Intensive and Animal Forms Intensive

Strategies for Health
Location: Dechen Choling France
Date: 17-18 April 2021
with Eva Wong
Requirements: qigong 1 and 2.

Embodying the Tao in your Qigong

June 04-09; 2021

Sky Lake Shambhala Center Rosendale. NY. USA
With Eva Wong

Requirement Qigong Levels 1-5

This is a requirement for Qigong Level 7!

Breath Regulation Intensive

August 08-10; 2021

Sky Lake Shambhala Center Rosendale. NY. USA
With Eva Wong

requires Tendon Changing/Marrow Washing Intensive

Standing Qigong Intensive

August 11-12; 2021

Sky Lake Shambhala Center Rosendale. NY. USA
With Eva Wong

 requires Tendon Changing/Marrow Washing Intensive


Ghost Valley Strategy Consultants and

Shambhala Mountain Center Present:

The Strategic Studies Series

The Strategic Studies Series is a system of workshops and courses featuring modern applications of strategy based on Chinese classics including Sunzi’s Art of War, The Thirty-Six Strategies, and the writings of Zhuge Liang.


Phase 1 of the Series begins with a special introductory workshop that highlights general principles of strategic thought and action drawn from the teachings of Sunzi, the master of situations, and Zhuge Liang, the master of human observation.

Phase 2 of the Series consists of 4 modules of training in strategy and tactics based on the Chinese strategy classic Sunzi’s Art of War. This Series is modular in design, but on completion of all the modules, the participant will have learned how to use the entire book to design and execute plans of strategic action.


For more detailed information visit our special page:


and check out the workshop below!


Introductory workshop:

An Invitation To Thinking and Acting Strategically
Shambhala Mountain Center, Colorado, USA

July 09 (begins evening) till 11 (ends 4pm) 2021
with Eva Wong
(no requirements)


Click HERE also for the link to the program in Shambhala Mountain Center. CO. USA.


Being Strategic, Practical, and Ethical in These Challenging Times

October 4th 2020

Boston Shambhala Center. USA

with Eva Wong

To succeed in these challenging times is not easy, but to accomplish our goals without compromising virtue is deemed impossible by many. Yet, in the history of China, the greatest strategists had always balanced virtue and strategy, assessed gain and profit against harm caused, and succeeded in their political, military, and economic enterprises.

This workshop features strategies of success that take into account the importance of virtue and ethics. Join Eva Wong in a workshop on how to balance strategy, practicality, and ethics in accomplishing your goals in these challenging times we live in.

The program will highlight strategies discussed in Eva’s new book How To Win - 36 Ancient Strategies for Success.

How to Win: 36 Ancient Strategies for Success

  • Paperback: 240 pages
  • Publisher: Shambhala (June 2, 2020)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1611808278
  • ISBN-13: 978-1611808278

 Potent advice on how to think and act strategically in business, politics, and relationships--drawn from classic Chinese military and political expertise.

The ancient strategies of war and politics have much to offer us in navigating the complicated challenges we face today--and to help us wisely and effectively meet our business, political, and relational goals.

Here, eminent Chinese scholar and Taoist teacher Eva Wong unpacks the wisdom of The Thirty-Six Strategies, a collection of advice encoded in sayings, steeped in Chinese history and culture. She explores strategies attributed to renowned military philosophers such as Sun Tzu and Zhuge Liang (aka "The Sleeping Dragon"), along with other less-known advisors, that were implemented during three of the most chaotic eras of Chinese history--the Spring and Autumn Period, the Warring States Period, and the Three Kingdoms.

Covering three categories of strategy--proactive, reactive, and desperate--Wong expertly connects the words of ancient military philosophers with timeless advice, as useful today as it was in the Tang dynasty (618-906) when this collection was originally gathered. In Chinese military philosophy and political theory, the thirty-six strategies are considered "yin" or "shadow" in nature, meaning that they operate best in darkness and concealment.

As Wong writes, "Desperate times call for desperate measures, and since the thirty-six strategies rose out of times of war and conflict, it is inevitable that they were used to win wars, triumph over opponents, take advantage of situations, and survive when defeat is imminent."


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