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Consent-options to have personal data included in the “qigong-database” of the Xiantianwujimen Lineage of Eva Wong, for the sole purpose of verifying my eligibility to attend her Taoist Qigong programs.

Below you can choose YES to be included or NO to be removed. Your choice will be registered.

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Why do we need your approval?
The Taoist Qigong programs taught by Eva Wong and her instructors are presented in North and South America and in Europe. In Europe a new privacy law has been adopted that has to be followed by all companies or organizations with activities in Europe. This privacy law (EU General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR for short) requires active approval for data collection.

What do we use the data for?
The Taoist Qigong tradition has traditionally required its participants to follow the path step by step. This is to make sure that you are ready to receive the instructions appropriately and in keeping with the development of your practice. This path of Taoist Qigong has a sequence – which means that you have to fulfill the requirements of any program in order to participate. For this reason we have outlined the Qigong path on our website. Only very few programs have no requirements.

So when you register for a Taoist Qigong program – we can check you eligibility for that program each time. The hosting center sends us the registration list – we can look you up in this qigong database, where we keep records of all Taoist Qigong programs you attended. We do NOT use the Taoist Qigong database for ANY other purpose.

What do we store in the database?
We store:

  • Last Name /  First Name / Email Address / City / State / Country
  • Year of the last program / relevant program(s)

How long do we keep your data?
We have no time limit set at this point.

Do we share your data with other parties?
No we do not share these data with ANY other party for ANY other reason.

Your data protection rights:
You have the right:

  • Of access - to see what data we have stored of you.
  • Of correction – you can ask to have data corrected should we have made an error.
  • Of deletion – you have the right to have your data deleted.
  • Of complaint – if you disagree with what and how we have stored your data.
  • Of withdrawal of consent – you can withdraw you consent at all time.

What happens if you do NOT give your consent?
For over 900 years – the Xiantianwujimen lineage has committed itself to provide authentic and powerful teachings on Taoist Qigong for those who desire. It requires the practitioners to follow one simple rule: to take all programs in the sequence outlined. Our check of your registration for any Taoist Qigong program is basically to make sure that you participate in a program that you are eligible to attend. If you withdraw from the database then that guarantee cannot be given anymore.

  • So withdrawing from the database means that we have no possibility to check your eligibility and
  • As a consequence we will NOT let you attend any programs that come with requirements.

You may have fulfilled that requirement in the past – but since we cannot verify that – we will have to refuse your participation.

We apologize for this inconvenience but we need to comply with GDPR, which is the European Privacy Act. Failure for us to do could involve legal repercussions. If you have any questions please use the CONTACT form for all your inquiries.