Qigong Instructors


If you want to invite an instructor for a Qigong Level, then the following authorized instructors are available:


Levels 1-5

  • Samten Kobelt
  • Suzann Duquette
  • Dale Asrael


Levels 1-4:

  • David Stone
  • Andre Lacroce


Levels 1-3:

  • Beth Latchis
  • Mathias Pongracz
  • Eunice Adachi
  • Kate Summers
  • Michael Busby


Levels 1-2:

  • Mark Kelleher
  • Ute Schneider
  • Una Chung
  • Heidi Meyer-Bothling
  • Donna MacKenzie
  • Bruno Mottin
  • Damien Sauvezie
  • Aranya Frantz 

You can contact these instructors through emailing via this website using the CONTACT form.


Qigong instruction is provided through programs only, not individually, nor online.