The Art of Penetrating the Mysteries



I. Fengshui Programs.


The programs are introductions to Chinese classical fengshui, including kanyu land fengshui, Flying Stars fengshui for urban environments, and advanced fengshui systems such as Mountain and Water Dragons Trigrams Transformation, Three Periods, and Three Combinations.

  • In the Path of the Dragon - Reading the Energy of the Land

No requirements.

The Mountain and Water Dragons Trigram Transformation Method

Requires basic knowledge of trigrams, and compass-based fengshui.




II. Yi Divination Programs.


Yi divination are systems of divination inspired by the principles outlined in the Yijing.

  • The Basics of Yi Divination

No requirements.




III. The Xiantianwujimen Divination Programs.


These programs feature divination techniques specific to the Xiantianwujimen lineage of Taoism.

  • Shao Yong Yi - The Ten Celestial Stems system of Divination.
  • Shao Yong Yi - The Twelve Terrestrial Branches system of Divination.

Both programs require basic knowledge of trigrams, Celestial Stems, Terrestrial Branches cosmology.

We will add information on upcoming programs as soon as they are available