The Tao of Leadership

Creating Enlightened Work Spaces with Sunzi’s Art of War

Location: Shambhala Center of Sao Paulo, Brazil.
Date: April 22, 2018 - 9am to 6pm

By: Eva Wong
To create a productive, uplifted, and enlightened work space, we need to understand what makes a space constrictive, unhelpful, and obstructive to harmonious activities and human dignity.

In Sunzi’s famous work on strategy, The Art of War, are examples of environments that cause conflict, confusion, aggression, and fear. In our working environments, such aversive conditions often exist, causing stress, disharmony, lack of motivation, and lethargy in the work place.

In this workshop, we will examine these kinds of environments, explore ways of neutralizing them through the Taoist practice of Situation Awareness, and experiment with designs that creative healthy, peaceful, dignified, and virtuous work environments.

No requirements for this program

Landscape of our Life

Location: Paris Shambhala Center, Paris France
Date: May 19 and 20

By: Peter van der Molen


Every day we have to make choices and often at a high speed: in our work, on the street and in our domestic life. We feel subject to a continuous flow of information and options. So we need to be strategic in what we chose and why. It feels that if we do not make a choice – the situation will do that for us. Then we feel no longer in control of what happens to us, but feel we will have to live with the circumstances imposed upon us.




So how do we make strategic choices? What do we need, to weigh our options and open certain directions and close the door on others? Sunzi – a Chinese strategist – once said: “If you know yourself, and you know the situation you are dealing with – you will always come to a solution”. So that is what we will do this day.




We will get a firsthand experience our body and the space around us. We will have a powerful opportunity to see how our mind changes – depending on the situation. During the weekend we will explore the landscape of our lives, based on the practical instructions of Sunzi, that have been applied for the past 2500 years. Finally we will explore a clear roadmap, how we can integrate and apply these experiences in our daily life.






The weekend will be in English with French translation.



No requirements for this program

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