Strategy and Virtue.

April. 07 (evening); 08 (ends at 6 PM)  in  2017
Dechen Chöling. France.
By: Eva Wong and Peter van der Molen


For some, “strategy” is saying that the end justifies the means – which is a selfish approach. In this program we will explore the opposite. The Chinese strategist Sunzi wrote a text that has become a classic on strategy - which is rooted in virtue. His first and foremost question is how to benefit everybody, or as it is called “All Under Heaven”.  

This one day program explores both his profound wisdom, and the skills needed to start putting it to use in our lives. We will look into the importance of virtue as ground for our motivation and actions. Next are some easy to follow steps, on how to strategically engage in our activities. The basis of this is being aware, which will be explored very practically. Finally we will discuss various aspects of leadership, that will help us to conduct our activities in a virtuous and decent manner.


(no requirements for this program)   

The Strategist and the Sage.

The Tao of Leadership.

March. 19 in 2017
New York Shambhala Ctr. NY. USA.
By: Eva Wong


In this program, Chinese scholar Eva Wong will present a new and radical way of integrating Taoist principles of strategic leadership using Sunzi’s The Art of War.  Sunzi’s Art of War is one of the most important classics ever written on strategy and tactics. With a history of over 2000 years, the book is remarkably relevant to working with issues in our world today.
The key to strategic leadership is weaving flexibility of leadership styles with virtue according to ever-changing situations. Using examples of Sunzi’s classification of terrain, we will explore how environments determine leadership style and how leadership affects the creation of social environments.
The program will also feature body and situation awareness practices that sensitize our relationship to family, work, and social space. Through experiencing strategic thinking and action in mind and body, awareness increases, which, in turn, reveals fitting action.


(no requirements for this program)

Ancient Strategies for Today's World:

Sunzi's Art of War and Warrior Qigong


with Dr. Eva Wong, Suzann Duquette and Dr. Peter  van der Molen

held at October 2 - 4, 2015


A program about living strategically with awareness in body and mind.


What You Will Learn

Using the Art of War, Warrior Qigong, and space awareness techniques, this weekend trains embodied strategic thought and action. You will learn:


Situation Awareness

  1. How to Move Around Physical and Social Terrain
  2. How to Embody Strategy and Tactics Using Qigong and Space Awareness
  3. How to Integrate Strategic Thinking with Virtuous Action

The program will focus on the Art of War’s core chapters on terrain, using commentaries translated into English for the first time by Dr. Eva Wong. Selected exercises will be outside on Karmê Chöling’s beautiful and potent 700 acres of land, which includes hills, meadows, and forests.


Process of Strategic Thought and Action:

  • Awareness
  • Reflection
  • Decisiveness
  • Commitment
  • Action with dedicated discipline and virtue

Combining Sunzi’s Art of War, Warrior Qigong, and space awareness training increases our ability to observe and evaluate situations and assess our involvement before acting. By experiencing strategic thinking and action in mind and body, awareness increases, which, in turn, reveals fitting action.


Everything we do is strategic. This is at the heart of the Sunzi.


While strategy can be natural, it is rarely as consciously organized and applied as in the Art of War.Understanding patterns of terrain leads us to understanding physical and social patterns in our lives – at work, in relationships, and for our spiritual growth. The result is a more uplifted and rewarding life for ourselves, and, therefore, others and society.




Dr. Eva Wong is the author and translator of many books on the Taoist arts of health, meditation, and qigong. She is the 19th-generation lineage carrier of Xiantianwujimen Taoism and 3rd-generation student of Wang Xiangzhai, founder of the Yiquan martial arts and Zhangshuan (standing qigong). She is a practitioner of the Pre-Celestial Way and the Complete Reality Lineages.



During her 40 years as a student in Shambhala, Ms. Duquette has been a leader in protection, governance, and practice and education. She is a member of the Denma Translation Group, whose work resulted in The Art of War by Sun Tzu, and is a Taoist-Qigong instructor. Currently she is Resident Acharya, or Senior Teacher, of Karmê Chöling and is responsible for fostering sacred ritual and form as the basis of culture for the Shambhala community.



Dr. Peter C. van der Molen is an adviser on nature monitoring for the twelve Dutch Provincial governments and the Dutch Government, as well as a senior landscape ecologist. During his 35 years as a student in Shambhala, he has been a leader in protection throughout Europe. He studies classical Fengshui and is a member of the Sakyong’s Panel for Shambhala Environments – devoted to creating sacred space in both city and land retreat Shambhala centers.