Strategies for Health
March 30,31 2019 Szczecin, Poland - Daily 9am to 6pm
with Eva Wong

To be aware of the body’s energetic environment is the key to good health. As it is externally, so it is internally. The structure of the physical world parallels the energetic world of our body. If we can identify the energy centers and pathways of the human body, we can develop strategies for clearing blockages that prevent internal energy (qi) to run smoothly and peacefully within. In this program, we will explore the energetic terrain of the body with the qigong methods of 9 Self-Massage and 12 Devas, discover the causes of energy blockage, and develop strategic ways of removing qi blockages and attaining good health.
Requirements: qigong 1 and 2.

The Mysterious Female
August 5 (evening) to 8, 2019 - Sky Lake Lodge, USA
With Eva Wong and Dale Asrael

“The Valley Spirit that never dies is called the Mysterious Female. The gates of the Mysterious Female are the roots of the sky and earth” - Laozi’s Daodejing
What is the Mysterious Female? It is the Tao, the Dark Womb, and the source of all that is born and unborn. This source is the primordial qi, the vapor of life. In birth, we emerge from the Mysterious Female, in life we are nourished by her, and in death we return to her embrace. Central to the practice of Qigong, the Taoist art of health and longevity, is the cultivation of this life-giving energy. Connecting to the breath which carries qi, clearing the meridians, strengthening the physical body, and resting in the stillness of the Womb are the key to living a healthy and virtuous life. The feminine in the Dao is manifested in the nourishing quality of the qi, while the feminine in the Buddhist tradition is manifested as the love and compassion of Tara and the spacious wisdom of Prajnaparamita.


In this program, the Taoist practices of qigong will be illuminated by the soft and gentle light of the Mother Empress of the West, Lady Ho of the Eight Immortals, and the most revered of all feminine figures in Chinese culture - the Boddhisattva Guanyin, who embodies both the compassion of Tara and the wisdom of Prajnaparamita. Join Taoist practitioner Eva Wong and Buddhist teacher Dale Asrael in experiencing Taoist internal alchemy through the eyes of these mysterious females.

Requirements - Qigong 1 and 2.
This program can be used to fulfill the requirement of Qigong 3.

Wudangshan Animal Long Forms
Location: Dechen Choling France
Date: March 31 - April 4, 2020

The Wudangshan Five Animals Long Forms are designed to deepen tendon-changing and marrow-washing practices using advanced stances and internal martial arts-based postures. Totaling 48 movements, these animal forms train the practitioner to use the Tiger Form to strengthen bones and tendons, the Leopard Form to develop spring-like qualities in the tendons, the Dragon Form to train spinal movement, the Snake Form to enhance spinal flexibility, and the Crane Form to focus the qi.

Requirement: Tendon Changing/Bone Marrow Washing Intensive and Animal Forms Intensive