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Qigong Practice and Study Retreat

Wei Boyang's Triplex Unity


Karme Chöling.Barnet. VT. USA.

Sept 23 (evening) - 28 September 2016

By Eva Wong and John Rockwell


Unique study retreat possibility in the beautiful Autumn of Vermont.

The Triplex Unity is regarded by Taoist practitioners as the ancestor of all internal- alchemical texts. Attributed to Wei Boyang of the 2nd century, the text contains discussions on the nature of the three internal energies - jing, qi, and shen - and how to transform and compound them to return to one primordial energy of life. In this program, we will study selected sections of texts on cultivating mind, cultivating body, and the processes of alchemical transformation. Qigong and meditation practices will be used to embody the principles of internal alchemy as well as open hidden meanings in the text.