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Being Taoist and Leader

Sky Lake Shambhala Retreat Center. Teacher:  Eva Wong. June 10, 2017

What does it mean to be a Taoist and a leader? In the Taoist wisdom tradition, to be a leader is to embody the view of vastness. Leadership is inspiring and leading by example, and the skill of knowing when to let things run their natural course and when to guide them along. Join Eva Wong in exploring the Taoist art of effortless and responsible leadership.

Spirit of Taoism

  Sky Lake Shambhala Retreat Center. Teacher:  Eva Wong. June 11, 2017

Equanimity, good health, peace of mind, and harmony, are the goals of Taoism. More people are turning to the Taoist arts of healthy and harmonious living for inspiration and guidance in everyday life. Join Eva Wong in exploring the spirit of Taoism in qigong, Taoist practices of mind expansion, tea appreciation, and the five-element diet for healthy living through the seasons.

Foundations of Chinese Divination.

Principles of the I Ching (YiJing).
Karme Chöling.  Barnet. VT. USA. By: Eva Wong and Peter van der Molen. 21-23 June 2017

Chinese divination is the art of reading the energetic patterns of the universe so that we can live harmoniously in the world, appreciate the flux and permanence of the Tao, and intuit the interdependency of all things. In this program, participants will learn the foundations and tools of divination. Participants will also be given basic instructions on how to read omens from the natural and social world that can impact the divination process.

A Taoist Journey of Balance - a 4 day retreat.   
Karme Chöling. Barnet. VT. USA. proposed for July 17  to July 21; 2017. By: Eva Wong and Carolyn Krusinski

Life is a sacred pathway. Balance is a journey. Embark on a journey in seeking, discovering, exploring, and adventuring through our outer and inner worlds on this 4-day retreat with Eva Wong and Carolyn Krusinski.

Creating Peace with Sunzi's Art of War

  Chicago Shambhala Center  October 21; 2017. By Eva Wong and assisted by David Stone.

In this program, Chinese scholar Eva Wong will present a new and radical way of using The Art of War. For the first time, Sunzi’s classic will be discussed in the light of using it to create peace and harmony in society. The program will also feature body and situation awareness practices that sensitize our relationship to space and social environments. 

The Tao of Living a Balance Life

  Chicago Shambhala Center  October 22; 2017. By Eva Wong

 One-day program on how to balance the four aspects of living using Eva’s recently published book Being Taoist and a specially-designed workbook that helps us to plan a balanced a lifestyle Highlights of the program include qigong, the Taoist practice Playful Awareness, moments of inner exploration, group discussions, Chinese tea appreciation.

The Natural World as Teacher.   
Karme Chöling. Barnet. VT. USA. September 8  through 10; 2017. By: Eva Wong and John Rockwell

Join Eva Wong and John Rockwell in experiencing the natural world in the beautiful hills and valley of Karme Choling. Learn how to find a place in nature and be with the phenomenal world and the energy of the land and the seasons. The natural world is the best teacher of the Tao. Let us learn from it.


T-shirts of the five Wudangshan animals are available for purchase.


They are designed by artist Ken Kimball. Ken has been practicing qigong with Eva for a number of years, and they have worked closely together on the design.

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