Ancient Wisdom for Today's World.

The Taoist Way of Living.  
was held in New York Shambhala Ctr. NY. USA.
March 18; 2017

By: Eva Wong

More and more people are turning to Taoism for inspiration and guidance in everyday living. Join Eva Wong in experiencing the Taoist lifestyle. This experiential workshop will introduce Taoist practices to cultivate a healthy body and peaceful mind.
This one-day program will include talks and presentations on Taoist lifestyle and culture, qigong exercises to activate and circulate qi (the energy of life), and the practice of Playful Awareness - The Taoist Art of Reflection. We will explore ancient Taoist practices such as:

  •    Taoist-style quiet sitting
  •     Tea appreciation
  •     Preparing and cooking Taoist foods for health
  •     Designing your home for harmonious living

This exploration of Taoist principles and practices will provide an opportunity to examine ourselves and our relationship to the world we live in – and give us powerful tools to help us explore “the art of living."
further details on the program to be announced


(no requirements for this program)

on July 8 (evening), 9, 10 in 2016
Teachers: Eva Wong and Carolyn Krusinski

Enter the practical world of Taoism and learn how to transform body and mind through lifestyle. Living a balanced life is integral to developing a healthy body and a relaxed mind. Learn how to balance the four aspects of everyday life (the public, domestic, private, spirit) and the four aspects of consciousness (wisdom, compassion, groundedness, and vision), and how to design protection for yourself and your home. The program also features qigong exercises, the Taoist mind practice of playful awareness, sessions of working with a handbook based on Eva’s most recent book Being Taoist, tea and food appreciation, and a Taoist style dinner served by Karmê Chöling.


This program is based on the book: Being Taoist by Eva Wong, which made it into the Spirituality and Practice’s best books listPlease purchase and bring this book Being Taoist: Wisdom for Living a Balanced Life. There will be an additional material fee TBA for an accompanying program workbook. 

Please plan to arrive between 3-6 pm on July 8th. The retreat will end at 6 pm on July 10th.


The Dao of Living a Balanced Life

Program held in Boston, MA, USA on April 30 in 2016
Teachers were: Eva Wong and Carolyn Krusinski


What is the key to living a balanced life? It's easy to look at our busy schedules with family, work and friends and wonder "How do I do it all?" Taoism provides a system to explore balancing organically based on our own unique situations within modern society.
Join Eva Wong and Carolyn Krusinski for an exploration of the Taoist teachings on balancing one's life. This innovative one-day program is based on Eva Wong's recently published book, Being Taoist. The day will focus on the pillars of a healthy and meaningful life: public, domestic, private, and spirit life. This program is based on the book: Being Taoist by Eva Wong, which made it into the Spirituality and Practice’s best books list.


Public life: Our world of community, workplace, and society. 
Domestic life: Our family and circle of friends. 
Private life: Our time spent cultivating our body and mind. 
Spirit life: Our connection with the vastness of the visible and invisible world of energy, spirits, and the sacredness of all existence. 
Included with tuition



Was held in Los Angeles Shambhala Center; Eagle Rock, CA, USA

on March 5 and 6 in 2016
Teacher: Eva Wong


More and more people are looking to Taoism for inspiration and guidance in everyday living. Join renowned Taoist author and practitioner Eva Wong for a two-day experience of Taoist lifestyle and culture that includes qigong practice, Taoist-style quiet sitting, tea appreciation, diet and health, using Taoist principles to design your home environment ­ and more!


The program will also feature a presentation of Eva¹s newest book "Being Taoist" and how to use it as a guide for daily living. This program is based on this book, which made it into the Spirituality and Practice’s best books list.