Qigong and Daoism retreat.
Daishin Zen Monastery. Buchenberg. Germany.
October   06 (evening); 07; 08; 09; 10; 11 (ends at 6 PM) in 2017

By: Eva Wong and Samten Kobelt

further details on the program to be announced.

(no requirements for this program)

The Tao of Living a Balance Life.

 Chicago Shambhala Center 

 October 22 2017

By Eva Wong


The key to living a meaningful and healthy lifestyle is to balance our public, domestic, private, and spirit life. Public life is our life in the world of community, workplace, and society. Domestic life is our life with family and circle of friends. Private life is time spent in cultivating our body and mind. Spirit life is our connection with the vastness of the visible and invisible world of energy, spirits, and the sacredness of all existence.

Join Eva Wong for a one-day program on how to balance the four aspects of living using Eva’s recently published book Being Taoist and a specially-designed workbook that helps us to plan a balanced a lifestyle Highlights of the program include qigong, the Taoist practice Playful Awareness, moments of inner exploration, group discussions, Chinese tea appreciation.


(No requirements for this program).

Note: Participants need to bring their copy of Eva Wong’s Being Taoist.

We will add information on upcoming programs as soon as they are available


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