The Water Course Way of Balance

Living A Balanced Life: Ancient Taoist Wisdom For Modern Times

Shambhala Los Angeles
with Carolyn Krusinski & Kate Summers
January 12th (2019): 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM



January 13th (2019): 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM EAGLE ROCK

Resolve to live a full and balanced life in the new year!
When our life is off balance, everything feels speedy, numb, and out of control. But when our outer and inner worlds are in balance, we experience life as being full of possibility, harmony, accomplishment and joy.
In this practical and accessible workshop, you'll learn a framework and vocabulary for balancing the four aspects of your unqiue life (the public, domestic, private, and spirit) and connecting to the four aspects of consciousness (wisdom, compassion, groundedness, and vision). Focusing particularly on Taoist practices for Situation Awareness – the consciousness that allows us to move through situations of all kinds with precision and ease - we will work with reflective exploration and qigong movement, both individually and in groups, and be guided by a customized take home workbook (workbook cost included in program price) based on Eva Wong's latest book, Being Taoist.
What people have said about this workshop:

  • "The Balance Workshop has provided insight on how to maintain balance as the winds of change swirl around me." Boston practitioner
  • "Through guided awareness practices and a reflective workbook, I discovered - and continue to discover and explore - aspects of my being that have been overlooked, undernourished, dormant - as well as aspects that spring to life as delightful, fresh surprises!" Program Participant in Montreal
  • "This program was a revelation! Brilliantly presented with warmth and humor. Now these guidelines on balance have become part of how I lead my life." White River Junction, VT Participant

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