The Water Course Way of Balance

A Touch of the Tao in Your Home
Location: Dechen Chöling
Date: April 1, 2018 - 9am to 6pm

By: Eva Wong
No requirements

The Taoist spirit of simplicity, clarity, and elegance are part of living at home. The balance of yin and yang, light and shade, attention to the flow of the seasons, and creating an environment of inner peace and harmony are central to a lifestyle inspired by the philosophy of fengshui. We all appreciate living a simple and elegant life. Join Eva Wong, Taoist and fengshui practitioner, in a workshop on how to create space that embodies the spirit of yin and yang, the elements, the beauty of the seasons, and elegance of simplicity. Learn how to bring the spirit of nature into your home. Design a space for cultivating body and mind. Embrace the essence of the Tao in living and moving around your home.

Living a Balanced Life:  Ancient Taoist Wisdom for Modern Lifestyles
Location: Healing Way Center;

2 Dundee Park, Suite 304, Andover, MA 01810. USA.

Date: May 5th & 6th, 2018

By: Eva Wong & Carolyn Krusinski

No requirements


Life is a sacred pathway. Balance is a journey. Living a balanced life is integral to developing a healthy body and a relaxed mind. With these two essential parts of ourselves in harmony, we can live in a world of greater possibilities and accomplishment. One way to build wisdom and skill for leading an interesting and fulfilling life is to enter the practical world of Taoism and learn how to transform body and mind through lifestyle. With this learning, you will have the good fortune of integrating these ancient wisdom teachings into your modern life. That is the gift of the practicality and accessibility of the Taoist teachings and practices offered by Eva Wong and Carolyn Krusinski in this workshop.
Learn how to balance the four aspects of your unique everyday life (the public, domestic, private, spirit) and be introduced to the four aspects of consciousness (wisdom, compassion, groundedness, and vision). Public Life includes our world of community, workplace and society. Domestic Life includes our world of home, family, and circle of friends. Private Life is our time spent cultivating our body and mind. Spirit Life is our connection with the sacredness of all existence.
The program also features the Taoist mind practices of playful awareness and empathic awareness, Qigong instruction from the Primordial Limitless Gate lineage to enter the energy centers and pathways of the body, and sessions to delve into the well of your inner wisdom through personal and group reflection using a workbook based on Eva’s most recent book Being Taoist.


Presented at Healing Way Center

 2 Dundee Park, Suite 304, Andover, MA 01810


Coming Home to the Tao
Location: Sky Lake Shambhala Meditation Center
Date: June 9 Saturday 9am to 6pm

By: Eva Wong
No requirement

Home is where we find the Tao. Our home is simultaneously a sanctuary for personal enrichment, a work of art, and a way of living harmoniously with the natural environment as well as creating a space for domestic enjoyment. Join fengshui consultant Eva Wong in a workshop integrating the principles of fengshui and the treasured aesthetics of Asia in designing a simple yet elegant dwelling that nourishes the spirit, cultivates a harmonious lifestyle, and instills an appreciation of a quiet and contented life. Learn how to blend light and shade, yin and yang, and bring the quiet sensitivity of the seasons into your home to appreciate impermanence, transition, flux, and change. The home sets boundaries, but also within its space offers inner peace and freedom.

The Ways of the Earth and Sky

The Shamanic Origins of Taoism
Location: Sky Lake Shambhala Meditation Center
Date: June 10 Sunday 9am to 6pm

By: Eva Wong
No requirement

We are children of the earth and sky, with the sun, moon, and stars on our heads and the earth beneath our feet. The Taoist spiritual tradition is rooted in the ways of the earth and sky, the shamanic beliefs of early China. The sacredness of nature, the ecstatic union of the shaman and the nature spirits, the flight to the realm of father sky, and journeying into the dark womb of the earth mother are the foundations of many contemporary Taoist rituals. Join Eva Wong in exploring and living the sacred union of humanity with the waters, rocks, and trees. Practice Taoist rituals of bonding with the earth, climbing the sky ladder, and resting in communion with the forest and waters in the magic environment of Sky Lake.
This program will coincide with the opening the Kami (divine wind) nature shrine of Sky Lake Shambhala Meditation Center

The Tao of Living a Balanced Life.
Location: Amsterdam Shambhala Center, The Netherlands
Date: March 24, 2018 - 9am to 6pm

By: Eva Wong

No requirements for this program

The key to living a meaningful and healthy lifestyle is to balance our public, domestic, private, and spirit life. Public life is our life in the world of community, workplace, and society. Domestic life is our life with family and circle of friends. Private life is time spent in cultivating our body and mind. Spirit life is our connection with the vastness of the visible and invisible world of energy, spirits, and the sacredness of all existence.
Join Eva Wong for a one-day program on how to balance the four aspects of living using Eva’s recently published book Being Taoist and a specially-designed workbook that helps us to plan a balanced a lifestyle.

Highlights of the program include qigong and the Taoist practice of Playful Awareness.

The Spirit World as Teacher .
Location: Karme Choling (VT; USA)
Date: July 20 (starts evening with orientation and opening ritual), 21,22 (ends 6pm)

By: Eva Wong

No requirements for this program


The touch of father sun, the brush of the moon, the breath of the earth, the heartbeat of life, the cycle of the seasons, the song of the trees - the spirit world is all around us.

From the heritage of Taoism, we open ourselves to the awareness of the spirit world by entering gateways held by the four guardian spirits - Green Dragon, White Tiger, Red Raven, and Black Tortoise.

Join Eva Wong in a 2-day journey in experiencing our tribal consciousness, the cosmic consciousness, the consciousness of our ancestral world, and the consciousness of space and time. Wander through the Taoist mysteries of light and shadow, eternal change, balance, and transformation. Journey on the breath of the green dragon, fly on the feathers of the red raven, enter the heartbeat of the white tiger, and ride on the shield of the black tortoise in the magical valley and hills of Karme Chöling.  

Teachers and guardians of the spirit world - from the sky we call you, from the earth we call you, from the fire we call you, from the waters we call you. Come celebrate with us the union of the visible and invisible realms.

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