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Easy to read, no previous knowledge of Taoism needed to understand these texts. For readers wishing to be entertained by Taoist myths and legends.


Seven Taoist Masters

Translation of stories of the seven students of Complete Reality Taoism founder Wang Chongyang. An entertaining account of the founding of the northern branch of Complete Reality School.


Tales of the Taoist Immortals

A collection of stories based on biographies of realized beings of Taoism. The book contains stories of The Eight Immortals (the most of Taoist immortals) and other diverse Taoists that include sages, magicians, diviners, and alchemists.


Tales of the Dancing Dragon

The companion to Tales of the Taoist Immortals, the book takes the reader through the history of Taoism in stories, from the early pre-historic times to the present day.



Written with the intention to provide a guide to the history, theory, and practices of Taoism.


Taoism - An Essential Guide

Designed to give the reader general information about Taoism in all its facets - the philosophical, ceremonial, and alchemical. This book covers “everything you have wanted to know about Taoism”.


Teachings of the Tao

Translations of representative texts of Taoism from the Taoist Canon covering the topics such as wu-wei, liturgies, mystical Taoism, alchemical Taoism, and meditation. A compact version is published as The Pocket Tao Reader.



These are the esoteric texts of Taoism on the transformation of body and mind and the circulation of internal energy. While the texts can be read for intellectual curiosity, they are best studied together with a practice of internal alchemy. The practices of internal alchemy are offered in the qigong programs.


Nourishing the Essence of Life

Translation of three texts illustrating the outer, inner, and secret teachings of Taoism. The outer text contains teachings of philosophical Taoism for daily living. The inner text describes the basics of internal alchemy, and the secret text contains teachings that can only be penetrated by the practice of internal alchemy. This text is highlighted in qigong level 3.


Holding Yin, Embracing Yang

Translation of three internal alchemical texts from the western school of internal alchemy - a stream of Taoism that uses both singular and sexual practices to transform and mind. The texts also contain classic qigong approaches to breath regulation. This text is highlighted in qigong levels 4 and 5.


Cultivating Stillness

Translation of a Taoist classic on integrating meditation and cultivation of internal energy, or qi. The text is also a classic representation of the influence of Buddhism on Taoism.


Cultivating the Energy of Life

Translation of two of the most important modern internal alchemical texts of the Wu-Liu sect. The Huimingqing is translated in full (it was partially translated in the Wilhelm book Secret of the Golden Flower). Included are also the representative teachings of Liu Huayang on meditation. One of the most esoteric texts of Taoism. For readers who want to learn about the specific teachings of one of the most secret alchemical schools of Taoism.


Harmonizing Yin and Yang

Complete Translation of the Dragon-Tiger Classic. One of the most esoteric texts of Taoist alchemy - covering the principles of physical, internal, and sexual alchemy.


The Tao of Health, Longevity, and Immortality

Translation of the internal alchemical classic written by Zhongli Zhuan and Lu Dongbin, the founders of modern internal alchemy. An historical view into the early practices of transforming body and mind and how they inspired an entire system of teachings of internal alchemy from the 10th century to the present.



Philosophical texts of Taoism translated with an intention to present the teachings of Taoism in everyday language. No previous knowledge of Taoism needed to understand these texts. For readers looking for Taoism as a guide to daily living.



Interpretative translation of the Taoist classic Lieh-Tzu. The teachings of this classical text of Taoism are presented in sections that facilitate selective reading and contemplation of Taoist wisdom.


Being Taoist

Probably one of the most practical approaches to Taoist teachings on how to balance public, domestic, private, and spirit life. This book contains translations of classics such as the Huainanzi, texts of neiguan (a form of Taoist meditation), and selected sections of the Zhaungzi. Workshops based on this text are currently being offered.




These are books on the theory and practice of fengshui. Designed to introduce the reader to traditional Chinese fengshui and guide the reader to work through examples applicable to their homes and businesses.


Fengshui; Ancient wisdom for modern times.

An overview of the history of fengshui, the classification of landform, and an introduction to Flying Stars fengshui. For those interested in traditional Chinese fengshui and in understanding land energy and the energy of the twenty-four directions.


A Master Course in Fengshui

A complete home-study course on how to choose a site, build a home, locate a business, and evaluate the internal energy of a building using the Flying Stars technique. Also contains techniques of designing countermeasures (cures) for problematic fengshui.