Foundations of Chinese Divination.

Principles of the I Ching (YiJing).

Karme Chöling.  Barnet. VT. USA.
By: Eva Wong and Peter van der Molen, co-instructor
21-23 July 2017

Chinese divination is the art of reading the energetic patterns of the universe so that we can live harmoniously in the world, appreciate the flux and permanence of the Tao, and intuit the interdependency of all things. In this program, participants will learn the foundations and tools of divination - the trigrams of the bagua, the celestial stems, terrestrial branches, the Chinese calendar system, and principles of hexagram transformations that form the heart of all I Ching- based systems of divination. All Chinese forms of divination have a strong component of omen reading. A diviner first reads omens before deciding whether it is auspicious to perform the divination.

Participants will also be given basic instructions on how to read omens from the natural and social world that can impact the divination process. The program features an omen-reading walk around Karme Chöling to observe and interpret happenings in the phenomenal world, PowerPoint presentations, and work groups.

Participants will receive a booklet that summarizes materials presented in the course. This program is a requirement for all subsequent Chinese Divination programs offered by Eva Wong .

(No requirements for this program). 

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